Thanks for taking your time, and stopping around this page. I hope this paragraph will help you to understand why I created this blog.


The purpose of this blog is to create an open environment where any entrepreneur/ freelancer/ self-employed person/company of one will find something useful. There are literally no secrets to getting successful (whatever that means on any of us), here I want to share all I learned during 6 years of rollercoaster experiences in different fields.  

No, I'm not afraid that I'll open all secrets and people won't need my services as developer/product manager/project manager/researcher/(insert any other tech-related position here). Everything is in our hands and the content of this blog is just the small piece of the first step anyone can take to change their career.

No restrictions

This blog is a mishmash. It's not only for just one category of people:

​  -  freelancers will find here content for creating a schedule, finding customers, managing relationships with customers, etc.

  - startups will find here content for doing their research, finding an accelerator, setting up effective internal processes, etc.

  - product people will find here content for creating human-centric products, launching the product, gaining initial traffic, analytics, etc. 

  - developers can go to my dev.to blog where I share the painful experiences I had with code and how I solved them.

My audience is all people that are trying to make something unique and new. 


I'm doing my best to create a free platform, that's why I opted-out of using any ads to promote the blog. I'm using only my Twitter and LinkedIn, and also few communities where I'm registered as a founder. Any tools or products that are recommended on this blog are my personal favorites that hold the test of time and pressure of different processes and methodologies. 


This blog is one of my favorite projects so far. This is the thing that I wanted to do for a very long time and here I am. I'm working on many projects as a developer and project manager and researcher and (insert any other tech-related position here). I'm aiming to create an open community-driven acceleration program that will contribute to opening up the behind the scenes curtains of the tech industry. If you enjoy the blog and want to stick around you can subscribe to my newsletter. Content here will always be free!

About me

I'm a creator, product person, software developer, and freelancer. 

Here you'll find a lot of content for freelancers, on remote work organization and planning. Also the results of my insomnia posted as existential questions and reviews of products that make me feel inspired!

My goal is to share the journey of multiple (exactly 3) career switches. The journey that taught me to love and accept myself and others as they are, find the balance in your career.

At the end of the day, obstacles are just here to help us to find the way to our bliss. We're all the same, with the struggles and delights of day to day life.

I hope you'll stick around!

"The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency". 

Jim Carry

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